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Freedom 55 Financial


I’ll help you build a personalized financial security plan. Financial security planning is about more than just retirement planning – it’s about building a financial strategy that considers your immediate needs and your long-term goals and dreams.

About me

Marlene P. Simmons, RRC, FSA, EPC
Registered Retirement Consultant
Financial Security Advisor
Elder Planning Counselor
Investment Representative
Marlene Simmons - Edmonton AB- Freedom 55 Financial

“My goal is to learn about you, your family, lifestyle, career, financial challenges and opportunities.”

I started with Freedom 55 Financial, a division of London Life Insurance Company, in 2011.

Education has been a part of my lifelong journey, and an important part of my profession. I graduated from Northern Alberta Institute of Alberta (NAIT) with a degree in business administration, majoring in accounting. I also completed a marketing management certificate from NAIT and have owned several businesses.

I’m committed to my clients’ financial security and well being. I’m a certified Registered Retirement Consultant and Elder Planning Counselor and I’m currently working towards my Certified Health Specialist designation. I’m also a member of the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning and Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning. I am fully licensed for segregated funds, life insurance, living benefits, health insurance in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Prince Edward Island. Through my mutual fund dealer, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., I am registered to sell mutual funds in the provinces of Alberta and Prince Edward Island.

I’m happily married to Wayne Dooley, and together we have a blended family of two sons, Chris and Wayne Jr., and three grandchildren.

In addition to spending time with family and friends, we host a weekly Bible study, and I also enjoy reading and volunteering in my community.

I enjoy traveling regularly to Prince Edward Island to see clients and family, and we love vacationing in Hawaii.


Financial security planning is about more than just retirement planning; it’s about building a financial strategy that considers your immediate needs and your long-term goals and dreams.

Using the Canada Life security planning process, I’ll:

  • Help you define what financial freedom means to you
  • Help analyze your current situation, goals and dreams
  • Help identify any roadblocks to achieving your goals
  • Work with you to build a financial security plan that considers your short and long-term goals
  • Regularly review your financial security plan, ensuring it evolves with your changing needs

Four cornerstones of financial security planning

Whether your goals are long-term (such as retirement) or more immediate (such as starting a business or saving for a child’s education), I can help you build a financial strategy tailored to your needs and those of your family. In developing your financial security plan, we’ll consider the four cornerstones of financial security planning:

  1. Financial security at death
    • When you die, how can you help safeguard your estate for your family?
    • How much income will your family need?
    • How will inflation affect this income?
  2. Retirement
    • Would you like to retire early or reduce the time you spend working?
    • When you retire, what type of lifestyle do you envision?
    • How much income will you need to retire comfortably?
    • How will inflation affect this income?
  3. Liquidity
    • Do you have access to cash or liquid assets (i.e. assets that can be easily converted to cash)?
  4. Disability and critical illness
    • How would a critical illness or disability affect your income?
    • Would a reduced income affect your retirement savings and would this reduction affect your lifestyle?
    • How much disability or critical illness insurance coverage is enough?
    • If you become critically ill or disabled and take time off work, how will inflation affect your income?
    • If you become critically ill or disabled, will provisions in your group plan allow you to continue saving for your retirement?

Life stages

I want to understand your needs, recognizing they may change as you proceed through life’s stages.

Early Career

As you start your career, you may want to:

  • Purchase life and disability insurance to cover your income or protect your ability to earn an income
  • Purchase term life insurance or critical illness insurance as a cost-effective way to cover an outstanding mortgage or debt
  • Purchase health and dental insurance coverage if your employer does not offer a group benefits plan


Having children changes your life and your needs. Now is a good time to:

  • Review your financial security plan
  • Plan for your children’s education with options such as registered education saving plans (RESPs)

Business Owner

If you own your own business, you may want to:

  • Consider business continuation, buy/sell agreement funding and key person insurance as part of your business planning
  • Buy insurance to help cover outstanding business loans or mortgages if you die or suffer from critical illness
  • Purchase a health and dental insurance plan
  • Consider group insurance options for your employees


If you are retired or plan to retire soon:

  • Insurance can help supplement your income and can help you leave a legacy
  • Health and dental insurance coverage can take over if your benefits through your employer end upon retirement